Industries: Resource Sector

NetExperts principal consultant Melissa Star has over 12 years of experience in the resource sector. In 1999, at KPMG, she was involved in the design of Mincom EnergyPoint, a key trading and risk management system for Australia's National Energy Marker. Designed specifically for Australian requirements, EnergyPoint has since won the 2004 Consensus Software awards.

In 2002, Melissa designed and led the development of for Barlow Jonker Pty Ltd. A leading international resource for Coal producers, consumers, and shippers, Coalportal was acquired by Wood Mackenzie Ltd in 2008, and Energy Publishing Inc in 2009-2011. NetExperts has been responsible for the ongoing operation and enhancement of the Coalportal for all three owners, regularly undertaking major project work to integrate the latest technology and keep the site relevant to its customers.

More recently, NetExperts has conducted two major vendor evaluation studies for Rio Tinto Iron Ore and Pilbara Iron, in 2007 and 2008, ensuring the right people and IT vendors were chosen for a key initiative planned for the years ahead.

Whatever your project, we should be able to make sure it is both successful and cost-effective. For more information call Melissa on 0409-005-005 or email