Products: IC-Video

Content Management increasingly requires not just storage of text-based content and data but also of video and audio content including presentations, podcasts, and even video footage for security and quality assurance purposes.

IC-Video is a new project to provide Inspiration Content sites with first class capabilities for management of both stored and streaming video. As required for the specific client application, video can be provided in real time by dedicated or cloud-based servers hosted by NetExperts or the clients own IT department, or by third party providers such as Google Video and YouTube.

Video can be combined with text-based meta data to be searchable and storage follows the NetExperts philosophy of high customisation to minimise user training, maximise ease of use, and ensure a tailored solution that aligns precisely with the user needs.

Basic IC-Video functionality is already available to new and existing NetExperts clients with additional functionality gradually becoming available in 2011-2012.

For more information contact Melissa on 0409-005-005 or email