Products: Inspiration Content

Inspiration Content, our industry-leading content management system, is one of the most intuitive, easy to use and cost effective solutions for small to medium businesses wanting to keep information up to date on internet and intranet sites, portals, and other content management applications.

Inspiration Content is also a viable solution for smaller departments and teams within corporate environments wishing to publish sites within the corporate intranet that can be managed by non-technical staff with a minimum of training.

Customisable to allow for a highly tailored user interface, Inspiration Content has proven successful in applications ranging from meditation centres and home brewing wholesalers to companies producing wiring harness for mining vehicles and selling pool tables and golf cars.

Whatever your needs, Inspiration Content can allow you to easily manage web site information, products, documents, and whatever else you need to keep your customers or colleagues informed. And all of this can be accomplished with a product that's easy to use as an iPod.

For more information about inspiration content, or a personal demonstration of what it can do for you, please call Melissa on 0409-005-005 or email