Services: Consulting

When applied well, Information and Communications Technology can give dramatic benefits to an organisation. It can accelerate business processes, make management information available at your fingertips, solve problems and create a sustained competitive advantage. Misapplied, it can constrain an organisation, limiting its flexibility and competitiveness in the marketplace.

NetExperts emphasise working with you to tailor a solution to your needs. We rely on both our and your experience, since you know your business best while we can add our cross-industry knowledge of best practices and innovative ways in which technology or new business processes could be applied. In many cases, our ability to identify and visualise the way your entire business works will help you to discover new opportunities for efficiency or process improvement. The return on investment on a business improvement initiative is often well ahead of initial exectations.

Working with a smaller consulting company like NetExperts means you will be dealing directly with experienced senior people who have a personal stake in our business. We have a strong competence in analysing and documenting business needs and processes, and then effectively presenting what we have found to the business, to vendors, and to technical staff, one-on-one, in group workshops and presentations, and in written documents.

Whatever path you wish to take, you can rest assured of NetExperts' proven track record for delivering results, for organisations ranging from independent retail stores to some of world's largest companies including Wood Mackenzie and Rio Tinto Iron Ore. We have referees with whom you can speak across many industries and project types. For more information, call Melissa Star on 0409-005-005 or email