Services: Network Administration

NetExperts has managed its network infrastructure using internationally distributed unmanaged server infrastructure since our establishment in 2004. The operations expertise of our people goes back far further, with some of our people having run Bulletin Board Systems in the 1980s even before the Internet was widely used by businesses.

We have stayed at the forefront of the latest technological developments, including virtualisation and cloud computing, while also maintaining the fundamental skills and attitude required to produce high availability solutions for our clients.

We provide server management and network operations for a range of clients from small and medium businesses through to Coalportal - a world leading information portal for the world coal industry that we have managed in production for more than seven years.

We also advise our clients on backup procedures, network security, and data recovery planning. We can ensure consistent business as usual not only in normal times but even in emergency scenarios such as recent floods in Brisbane, in which some of our clients lost access to their offices but were still able to provide uninterrupted service to their customers with their employees working from home and internet cafes throughout the crisis due to their disaster recovery preparedness.

The handling of disasters can easily make or break a business, and with proper preparation you'll be ready to stand tall while your competitors struggle to survive. For more information, call Melissa Star on 0409-005-005 or email