Consulting and Support

Our Knowledge Helps Your Success...

At NetExperts, we rely on the in-depth knowledge of our senior consultants who have many decades of experience in the Information and Communications Technology industry in Corporate, Government, and Small to Medium Enterprise sectors.

As senior consultants, we call upon that skill set in software development, business analysis, systems analysis and design, and project management, with proven success in world-class projects.

Each business is unique. Rather than using a 'cookie-cutter' approach, we look for how you can be different from and better than your competitors. We help you to achieve a sustained competitive advantage. With the right strategies and technologies, your business can excel now and for years to come.

Software Development

We get it right, exactly the way you want it.

Custom software is a crucial investment for any business, and can allow you to run your business the way you want to, and achieve a sustained competitive advantage. We have created an exclusive rapid application development framework, specifically for the small to medium business sector, and are your best choice for bespoke software development.

We are also usually able to maintain and enhance your existing software applications, websites and online stores. In many cases, we can assist even when the original developers are no longer available, or documentation is lost. Whatever your needs may be now or in the future, we are here for you and ready to help you find a solution that meets your needs and budget.

Internet Hosting

Keeping Your Business Online...

When you want web hosting and cloud services, we are the right choice. We care about your applications, your data, and your business.

We do not rely on call centres or junior people following scripts. We rely exclusively on competent senior staff for our technical work and server operations. We do not cut corners, as doing it right will save you money in the long run.

We run our servers with a capacity margin, so usage loads for resources such as disk space, memory, and CPU do not go over 50%. Your system can load quickly and run at full speed, producing the best experience for your customers.

We partner with the world's best data centres and hosting providers, co-locating NetExperts owned equipment to give you the best results. We offer a wide range of services and facilities, backed up with our own in-house administrative and technical skills, and our decades of experience keeping our customers online.

We make sure to understand your application and your business, allowing us to predict your usage patterns, secure you from cyber-threats, and keep your systems online. We speak plain English so you'll always know what is going on.

Cyber Security

Keeping Your Data Safe...

Did you just get hacked? Or would you like to stop it from happening in the first place?

NetExperts has decades of experience dealing with cyber-security and ensuring that computer systems, networks, software, and web applications are safe from malware, ransomware, and cyber-attack. We have access to some of the best security advisors worldwide, including former military cyber-security experts, and top researchers in the field.

Our technology secures your servers and web-applications from cyber-attack in ways that the hackers will not anticipate and generally cannot defeat. We are happy to share our knowledge and experience with you. Our backup and data encryption procedures protect you from data loss and keep confidential customer data in the right hands.

Whether you have been the target of a ransomware attack or data theft, or would prefer to be proactive and stop the unthinkable from happening in the first place, we are ready to respond to your needs and to ensure that you are prepared.